Getting Close!

10 Oct

What a week! Besides the stacks and stacks of boxes, carpet and lumber stacked throughout the house and garage, we now have cabinets installed with handles, lights in most rooms, trim around the floor, doors and windows, flooring in the bathrooms and laundry room, shelves in the closets, and the mantle is close to finished. It has been so fun to see it come together. This week will be even more exciting as the heat pump goes in, toilets and sinks will be installed, carpet and hardwood floors go in, kitchen counter goes in, and the rest of the trim-out wraps up. By early next week we should be ready for our walk-through with Chad from Adair to see what kind of fixes are necessary and then the subs will come back to touch things up before calling in for… FINAL INSPECTION!

Bathroom lights and counters installed. We plan to change out the light fixture, but for now we're just enjoying being able to see!

The master tub and shower. We love that the master bath counters are extra high!

New tile around the fireplace.

Now THAT'S a kitchen!

Just a little more touch-up painting outside and yard clean-up before we can call the exterior good until we start landscaping next year.


Aerial Photos

7 Oct

Just a quick update with the photos I promised last week. Korum took these from the Genie Lift. Though there are still some pieces of trim that need to be painted, and the door still needs its orange spice paint, you can get the general idea of the exterior colors here. It has been a busy week. Something new happens every day. The cabinets are up and look great. Someone came and measured for the Livingstone counters yesterday, and another subcontractor was up today putting in the vinyl flooring and laminate countertops in the bathrooms and laundry room. Things are moving at an exhilarating pace right now. We are in the home stretch.

Trim-out Begins!

4 Oct

Sara and I were like kids on Christmas morning coming home tonight, racing to be the first one in the door to see what had happened. And the gifts were the best we’ve ever received. We now have lights, working outlets, switches all installed and a huge stack of cabinets ready to go in tomorrow.

We were SO thrilled with the way cabinets look and CAN’T WAIT to come home tomorrow to see them in place. We went with the cheapest option Adair offers that is real wood and not a thermal wrap. We are super-impressed with the quality and appearance.

In addition to the cabinets going in tomorrow, we’ll also see the tile around the fireplace set. Our friend Robert is helping me re-do the mantle. It looked fine the way it was, but we wanted to take it a step further. More to come…

Looking from the front door, through the dining room to the kitchen in the back.

The line-up of cabinets in the living room ready to be installed in the kitchen.

The fireplace, with tile staged for tomorrow, even more cabinets and a tease of the blue in the laundry room.


Painting Photos

3 Oct

I’m happy to report that with about 30 minutes of painting tomorrow night, I’ll be completely done with the interior painting! We got ahead of schedule on the interior which freed us up to have some fun with a few accent colors. I have a feeling that as we decorate the house after moving in, we’ll decide to do some more adventurous painting, but for now, beige, grey and browns are beautiful!

Special thanks to my brother, Jherek, and our old friend Bruce Ziebart of Ziebart Painting for their help!

Jherek pumping himself up to take on the first coat.

Bruce emptying bucket #6 into the sprayer.

Jherek tackling the ceiling in the kitchen.

Calder has been wanting to have a silver wall in his room. On a recent trip to The Home Depot we found a new product from Glidden/Martha Stewart that allows a silver glitter coat. So, we decided to grant his wish and try the new product. He has also been very anxious to try painting so this seemed like the perfect project for him to give it a go.

Calder painting a grey undercoat on his bedroom wall.

Calder LOVES painting! Luckily I had an extra shirt because earlier that day was his school photo shoot and he was wearing his nicest clothes.

Keep it loaded, Calder. Keep it loaded... good boy!

Calder mastering his roller technique.



30 Sep

We have had a wonderful week full of progress on the house. Korum has been taking vacation from work since Monday, and as of yesterday, both the interior and exterior painting is almost completely finished! Korum and his brother, Jherek, worked with our friend Bruce (a professional painter who was Korum’s boss in college) and got the entire interior done is half a day yesterday. It was amazing! Photos will follow.

The highlight of the week was renting a Genie Lift. With this awesome tool, Korum was finally able to master his house Achilles heel–the high second story peak above the third garage bay which was pretty much impossible to reach with a ladder, and too scary to reach via scaffold. You could feel him relax when he was able to cross this location off of his list, and the rest of the day was a lot of fun. Thanks to Bruce’s help, Korum is now almost finished with the exterior–just a few touch-ups and trim lines to complete.

After many fits and starts, it has been exciting to see the painting almost completed in just a few days. In my professional life, I am a child and family therapist. In that arena, progress is often measured slowly which has made me an infinitely patient person (a good trait to have when you are building a house!). Even with my usual comfort with slow progress, I have to admit I was beginning to worry about the painting, so it has been an incredible relief to see so much completed in so little time. We are on our way!

We finally have some first photos of the exterior with paint, though better ones will follow after they are uploaded from the camera. Korum was able to drive the lift down the driveway and took some great photos of the front of the house, but from a different vantage than usual. We will try to get them up this weekend.

The scarily tall South wall

Though I’m sure we broke all sorts of rental rules, both boys got to take a turn to go up in the lift with their dad. They each sat up there for 10 or 15 minutes and had a chocolate chip cookie with Korum.

Garner's turn--he thought he was SO high!

Much higher than his little brother

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tomorrow Korum will work on touch-up and exterior trim while I am at work, and he might be able to complete the painting! I spent about 4 hours today cleaning up drywall dust, and plan to spent at least 3 or 4 more hours this weekend. The mess has been much less significant than I had feared, but let me tell you–it is a pain to remove drywall dust from window tracks!

We also hope to do one last major clean-up of scrap in the yard. We want to remove all the scrap lumber from our yard and take it to the dump. Despite many dump runs, we still have a few odd bricks, pier blocks, broken water line pieces and other detritus from our old home. We are looking forward to getting this stuff out of here once-and-for-all so we can begin fancying up the yard for our open house.

Also tomorrow is our final inspection on the studio building. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that all goes well. It will be such a victory and relief to have an occupancy permit on that sweet little space after 8 years.

I hope to be back here later this weekend with more photos and an update.

Still Here!

22 Sep

Oh, poor neglected blog. We are still here, still happily building a house, and moving right along. I’m not sure if I can even remember what all has happened since our last post, but things are looking good! We have garage doors now, insulation, and drywall–which is currently in the process of being mudded. We should be able to paint the interior next week, and we are on schedule to be all finished up in just a little over a month. We have electricity in the house, we are working on getting the propane and septic hooked-up (though we’ve hit a state code vs. city code snag on the propane), and we are making S L O W progress on getting the exterior painted.

The exterior painting has turned out to be a much bigger job that we had anticipated. Korum has made many attempts to do the higher work, but just doesn’t feel confident on a narrow scaffold. We have made the decision to cough up the bucks to rent a hi-lift next week and have our fingers crossed that we will finally complete the exterior work. We are grateful to our friend Bruce who spent several hours here last week spraying the front and North sides. It is so nice to see the final colors on the exterior. Here is a picture of the house with the garage doors, but I don’t have anything more current showing the paint colors:

Love the little windows along the top of the doors

The interior feels entirely different now that it is all sealed up. The insulation, and then the drywall, made a huge difference in the interior acoustics and it really feels like a house rather than a construction site now. Here are some pre-mud photos:

The view from the kitchen looking into the family room.

Looking from the dining room towards the front room and entryway

We made an arrangement with the drywall subcontractors to finish the garage for us. We are excited the room will be all sealed up and the boys have been enjoying scootering and skateboarding on the large concrete floor.

We have a couple of weeks of hard work ahead of us now. This weekend should be an epic cleaning session (I’ve been warned to expect 6+hours of deep cleaning) to rid the house of drywall dust, and then we are ready for painting. Korum plans to spend all of next week working on this task, and by the end of the week, we hope the house will be ready to begin installation of the finish work. We are expecting delivery of our finish package (trim, carpet and other flooring, cabinets, sinks, etc.) during the first week of October.

I will close with a photo of Calder selling lemonade in front of the house a few weekends ago. He spent 6 hours out there and earned enough money to buy a Craigslist bunkbed for his new bedroom. He had so much fun dancing with the sign–it’s not all hard work around here!

How 'bout those hot pink sunglasses?

Productive Day

31 Aug

Today we had our garage slab, curtain and front porch poured. It looks SO nice and we are excited to step on it for the first time. I left my parents house at 7:40 to get to our place by 8:00 so I could beat the crew, empty the garage of building materials and take care of a few other things but got stuck behind a cement truck doing 25mph on the highway making me late. Turns out I followed that truck all the way to my driveway and there was another already pulling out. J&J concrete must have come over on the 5:30am ferry to be that far along by 8. Wow! The work Robert, Ivy, and I did on Sunday all worked perfectly (thanks Robert!!!) and a few hours later the guys were pulling out of the driveway. J&J were fantastic. Great work and great guys.

Back half of garage.

Pouring the front porch (with an audience).

The boys have been spending a lot of time playing in my studio. In this rare moment, they liked each other.


Other big moments today and yesterday were:

  • Meeting with power company to learn that we can KEEP everything we’ve done and just need to replace the transformer and cable, not all the meters, masthead, etc.
  • Passed framing inspection on studio. Just final inspection left to go. Once I install the smoke detector we picked up tonight, we’ll call it in.
  • Passed caulk/seal inspection on house.
  • Had framing inspection. One easy fix on that. Also got details on how to fix the problems with the mechanical inspection which will be easy.
  • Painted the trim on all the exterior 1st floor windows and doors.

The front, with cement!

The most important part of the cement pour!