One Year Later (Plus Downstairs Bath/Laundry)

30 Oct

Here we are, snuggled-up in our king-sized bed, one year after shoving it up the stairs into our new master bedroom! It has been an incredibly stress-free year after what we were dealing with the eight years leading up. We drove past the Adair office this afternoon on our way back from Great Wolf Lodge and shouted a big thank you to the team that made it happen.

To celebrate, here are the last photos of the downstairs rooms!

Looking into the small hall from the Great Room that leads to the bathroom, laundry and garage.

The laundry room. To the left is our hot water heater which has its own built-in heat pump. It was part of the Energy Star package that we purchased for the whole house. We also added a utility sink. At the time we ordered with Adair, we told them we wanted that plumbed. Then we paid the plumber on our own to have him install it (I don’t mess with water anymore).


Peeking into the downstairs bathroom.

Another shot of the downstairs bathroom. We have different vanity lights. If I ever get around to installing them, we’ll post pictures.

Last photo of our beautifully appointed downstairs bathroom šŸ˜‰




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