It has been almost a year…

10 Oct

…since we moved into our new home!

I can’t believe that a year ago today, our cabinets were being installed and we were in the final weeks of living with my parents. The year went so fast!

My goal is to mostly wrap-up this blog before the one-year anniversary of our move-in. I imagine that we’ll occasionally update it if we happen to decorate/redecorate, landscape, etc but the overall build is WAY over and it’s time to show where we ended up. We still are getting lots of visitors to the site and occasional questions, so we want to have it done so that future Adair customers can see our whole process. I’ll try to point out things in these next few posts that show changes to the official Adair plans.

Stay tuned for new photos over the next weeks. I’ll refer to the photos by the names on the Adair floorplan so that you can follow along. Also, if it looks odd to you, it’s because we did a reverse plan, so if you’re used to looking at it on the Adair site, this will all be backwards.

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