The Finish Line is in Sight!

17 Oct

Wow! Wow! Wow!

We’re almost done and can hardly believe it!

Today is the last day of real work on the house! From here out it’s just fine-tuning, inspections and paperwork. Amazing!

Last Thursday was crazy! Awesome. But CRAZY. I took the day off to complete some work (exterior painting is DONE!) and meet Dale Flodin to look at some driveway drainage work that is our responsibility to complete. I was also expecting the electricians to show up to complete their work. At about 8:30 a car pulled in and I assumed it was them. Nope. It was the flooring crew, here early to get a head-start! Awesome! That was the last major thing to see go in and we could hardly wait one more day.

About 30 minutes later another car pulled in. I went out to talk to him about our lights but, no, it was our tile guy coming to get a head-start on the backsplash! Exciting!

Another 30 minutes later yet another van pulled in and it was our three electricians. The problem was that all seven guys wanted to work in the kitchen on the floors, walls and ceiling. I decided to get out of the way and back to work and spied through the window on their intricately improvised construction ballet. Then, just to add to the frenzy (that’s what you get when you mix seven workers and a case of Monster Energy Drink), two of our chickens that I let out to roam the yard didn’t want to be left out. They always want to be where the humans are, regardless of nail guns, saws, etc. A couple of times I peaked in and the chickens were in the kitchen standing on the very board that was being installed. (These were big, hungry men too. The chickens were lucky the oven hadn’t been installed yet.)

See that chicken? Stupid, stupid bird.

On Friday, the flooring guys came back and finished up their work. My dad brought home his projector from work and we ordered some pizzas and had a pizza/cinema night in the living room. Sara and I then took a trip for the weekend with our friends Ivy and Robert and left the kids with my parents. It might have been a mistake with the amount of work to do, but we REALLY needed it!

Today the trim guys were out to finish the downstairs and grout the tile. I’ll be meeting Robert to finish the construction of the mantle and then I have a little more interior touch-up painting to do. Sara will meet me there later and she’s going to start the clean-up. We could have our final inspection as early as THURSDAY! Andthen we’ve got to make everything pretty because this Saturday is our OPEN HOUSE for Adair. More on that soon!


One Response to “The Finish Line is in Sight!”

  1. Emily October 19, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

    Wow, you are really close to being done! How great is that?

    We are just starting our Adair adventure (just a few days away from having the site/land ready) and can’t wait until we are to your point. Your blog has been a great resource for us-thank you for sharing your experience.

    Enjoy your new home!

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